Where is Greece?The Christmas Boat

he Christmas Boat (Karavaki- Little ship) is part of a very old Greek tradition. It comes from the Islands where each year children go door to door singing ‘kalanda’ (Christmas Carols) usually accompanied by instruments such as triangles, guitars, accordions and harmonicas. The children on the islands carry small wooden boats, either illuminated to light the way or with enough space to store treats given to them by the residents they sing for. The tradition also dates back to a time when many Greeks were working as seamen. During Christmas time, when many were returning home after a long time at sea, their wives would celebrate by decorating small wooden boats as a way of saying welcome home..
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Greek Flag
Pictures from Greece during Christmas

Activity: Boat Christmas Tree Decorations

1 1. Print out the star patterned paper and colour it in. Or decorate a plain piece of paper

Click the button to download the star pattern
Star Pattern

2.Fold the paper into boat using the below instructions, making sure the coloured/pattern side is facing up